Salisbury-based special interest travel company Authentic Adventures and media personality Gregg Wallace, known for co-hosting MasterChef, are launching a range of Italian food holidays.

An expert designed the tours, inspired by Gregg’s love of Italy and passion for food in general, and the range spans the entire country.

The tours include authentic experiences such as cooking classes, a chance to learn how to make traditional marzipan fruits from Sicilian monks, and spending time with a shepherdess in the Tuscan hills.

Gregg said he has been in love with Italy since his first visit 20 years ago and that he rates Italian food among the best in the world.

“My food holidays are not just about what the Italians eat, but also why and how – they tell the stories that underpin this glorious cuisine,” he said.

“I’ll even be joining a few of them – not as the expert, but as an eager foodie ready to indulge.”

Holiday-makers can choose from seven itineraries spanning the regions of Sicily, Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany, with the first one departing in May and the others in Autumn.

Gregg will join guests on Tastes of Parma – Parmigiano, Prosciutto & Porcini Mushrooms, Food Secrets of Tuscany, and Truffles, Cheese & Chocolate in Piedmont.

The holidays put Italian food into its cultural context: What prompted the creation of the sweet chocolate confection, gianduja? How have the historic invasions of Italy shaped its cuisine right through to the present day? Why won’t you find spaghetti Bolognese on any menus in Bologna?

Prices start at £999 per person.

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