‘Swap it’ is the new way to save, according to latest marketing experts.

In 2019, swapping is the newest travel trend, so swap what you have for what you don’t have.

Swap Shop has moved on since the iconic TV show from the 70s and 80s.

Great bargain swapping sites include:

SWAP YOUR TICKETS: Travel plans changed?– swap your tickets on www.transfertravel.com, the platform for unwanted travel plans.

SWAP YOUR CAMPERVAN: Holiday wheels a bit snug now for grandma, auntie and a couple of little ones in tow too? Swap your campervan on https://www.swapz.co.uk.

SWAP YOUR HOUSE: Homeswapping was the swapping trailblazer, so exchange your pad for one in a holiday location:  www.homeexchange.comwww.homeswapper.co.uk and https://www.lovehomeswap.com/

SWAP YOUR BOAT: The only platform where you can swap your boat in the same way as you swap your home is www.boataffair.com, who introduced their boat swapping community last year, for anyone with a tiny sailing boat to a fancy yacht.

SWAP YOUR MONEY: WeSwap lets travellers around the world spend, store, swap, and manage their currency in a completely new way. www.weswap.com

Pictured: Gold Coast, Australia.