A very different kind of day dawned at Wylye Valley C of E Primary School, Codford.  Rather than regular schoolwork, such as maths and English, Mrs Beeden arranged for the pupils to spend the day learning all about spirituality and how it can help instill a sense of calm and tranquility, in just a few simple steps.

It was not an easy task in a school filled with lively and energetic 4-to-11 year olds.

Throughout the day, each class took part in four activities – yoga, music, meditation and a ‘sense and sound’ nature walk.

The outdoor sessions focused on the senses, in particular sight and sound – what can you hear?  What can you see? – But also, what can you feel and what can you smell?  Young Gracie, in Reception, decided: ‘When you get to go outside, you get your senses out, you’re feeling and hearing and that’s what spirituality means.’

At the end of this special day, the school agreed to should respect nature more and make time to look and listen to the real beauty in nature; listening to things, breathe; and that the whole day, in one child’s words ‘made me feel calm’.

Franklin Class embraced the idea that we should all just slow down sometimes.

‘If you’re late for a meeting.’ said Harry ‘just stop and stand in a field somewhere and take it all in.’

Wise words from a child who has not yet reached double figures!