By Mike Adamson, owner of Clearway Pets

Identifying whether your dog is on the right diet for them is essential to a long and healthy life.

There is so much choice, and many of the best-known high-street brands dominate, so it can be difficult to convince people that they are actuallly some of the least nutritious foods.

Luckily, your dog can help you make that decision.

There are a few key signs to look out for that may show you that the diet you currently use if not the right one. The most common sign is loose and irregular bowel movements: this is a key sign that the food you are using is not agreeing with your dog’s digestive system. A change in food should be sought.

While many people in this situation look towards the raw food options, others stay on the better-known dry foods, paying particular attention to the nutritional values, levels of cereals and grains and the overall meat content.

Foods with this level of nutritional value do rule out nearly all supermarket options, but they needn’t be expensive.

A Trip to a well-stocked local pet shop will give a spectrum of choice for all budgets.

Some of the other key signs you should be looking for include flatulence, excessive stooling, dull or dry coats, itchiness, obesity and erratic behaviour.
Where Itchiness and dry coats occur, it can often be an allergic reaction.

Your vet can do an allergy test for you. A common solution is to move to a grain free diet, where there will be a wealth of options in your local pet store.