From Frances Howard, Harnham

Donald Trump was, and still is, a great president.

He stood for the little man against the giant corporations. I can name one in particular, which is the industrial military complex. Make global war and get rich selling weapons.

The biggest fraud in election history was revealed on November 3 by the mail-in voting system.

If you want to be bothered, look at the share owners of the Dominion Voting tech company. They are all Democrat supporters and the voting machines are used in 30 out of the 50 states in USA. Dominion contributed to the Clinton foundation. The CEO is well known for his support of the Dems.

No-one but a very securely positioned man like Donald Trump could possibly bring this total lack of voting transparency to the attention of the Supreme Court. Everyone – and I mean everyone – will try to stop him. It is a very serious matter indeed for the freedom of the poor.

If giant tech companies rule the world without being elected, then God help America and the Western world. I see it coming here through billionaires’ funding. We are in danger of losing our very freedom, for which I personally am supremely grateful.

If Brexit is compromised through the interfering shenanigans of the new administration in US, revolution will replace the ballot box here.

There are some very nasty people who are out of sight and who will step in; no one will be safe however ideological…