By reallygrumpygran

Sorry to jump on the bandwagon this month but it has to do with the much-talked about Exeter Street cycle path.

I went to see it and rubbed my eyes several times to make sure I wasn’t imagining it: a rather pointless cycle path, that just ends. Never mind what traffic havoc it causes and the extra pollution caused by that. Yes, I can see cyclists coming in their droves to use it. It really will make a difference to the environment!
I sometimes think committees definitely decide to go ahead because the public are against it. Maybe we should try reverse psychology!

Unsafe pavements
Why is the money being spent on cycle paths instead of repairing unsafe pavements? Don’t pedestrians matter? The number of accidents and claims for injury on uneven pavements would make it worth their while. Also, what about a law for making electric cycles travel on the roads only, before it is too late and a fatality happens.

They go way to fast to be on a pavement/cycle path, I thought the idea was to get exercise not to cheat.

Every council’s latest directives seem to be about getting people on their bikes. Yes, we understand the reasons for that, but what about a thought for pedestrians and a safe place for them to walk. Because it seriously isn’t.

Many cyclists weave in and out on the pavement on their bike. It is like their bottoms are glued to the saddle, as they are reluctant to stop whatever or whoever is in their way. I thought pavements were for pedestrians.

Can we please have bollards or some way of making sure cyclists stay in their space on shared pavements and don’t invade ours. At this current time, when social distancing is paramount, it is not happening and bikes whizz past right next to your face!