The country has had a major benefit in one area in particular: almost complete relief from vehicle emission of pollutants and heath costs physical and financial in dealing with injury to health from these pollutants, and huge reduction in vehicle accidents and the physical and financial costs of dealing with accidents.

If government grasped this emergent respite, it could use this post lockdown recovery time and money to put into recovery by building on what has been shown by the absence of vehicle pollutants and accidents to be the most effective way of dealing with a critical issue that indiscriminately, like ‘Covid’ virus, affects everybody; a plan for immediate all electric vehicle use.

Spend millions and create jobs and at same time:

(1)          Acquire car parks of appropriate size in all areas and install necessary infrastructure.

(2)          Stock with all sizes electric driverless cars and an app for their use by the public.

(3)          Staff to service all aspects of these vehicles, eventually robot service.

(4)          Work out a charge for calling up an appropriately-sized vehicle for each intended use; i.e. two-seater to people-carrier type vehicle, perhaps two seater ‘pods’ that link during busy times.

(5)          Vehicles return to nearest car ‘pound’ when destination reached and inter-communicate to keep all ‘pounds’ with all sizes of vehicles in situ.


(1)          No parking problems

(2)          No cars parked around streets.

(3)          No need for houses to have garages.

(4)          No – or extremely few – accidents. Vehicles emit a recognisable sound when they sense nearby pedestrian or bicycle.

(5)          Hospital costs very reduced.

(6)          G.P. visits reduced.

(7)          Great reduction in physical disabilities from injuries, pollution, asthma, lung and heart diseases, better quality of life.

(8)          Well-maintained, clean, any size vehicle available to anyone and everyone when required.

(9)          Vehicles unable to be used for crime or stolen as vehicles would communicate with police car and stop.

(10)        Public still learn to drive in specially-designed ‘driving instructor’ vehicles that communicate with driverless cars and persons can still act in case of computer, vehicle failure.

There would be an immediate uproar of dissent then a gradual realisation of the release from the tyranny of car ownership.

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