From John Wigglesworth, Durrington

Florence Nightingale was born in Florence, 1820, and taken home to Derbyshire where she took an interest in caring with a difference when she entered caring for soldiers at war and turned caring into nursing.

In Salisbury Hospital there is a letter to the head of nursing that makes much sense. She tells the head to “recruit as many as you can and teach them in the hospital.” This in 1830! Those words were as true today as then.

Nursing has changed and upgraded to one of a degree standard that takes all of four years to learn. It is costly also! So much so, that three years ago, 50% of nurses left after two years! Salisbury could be lucky! Salisbury has now its own University College and it is just one mile from the Hospital, mostly free as it is paid for by our Government.

Talking to two students early last year, both said this would have been the course they would have taken as it was much more beneficial than uni, as the student gets to know how all hospital works. Far cheaper too! Where did the idea come from? Florence the lady with the lamp!

Health Secretary Matt Hancock is to take on 50,000 apprentices in the next 12 months. When completed, another star is born! It could be you! There could not be a better worthwhile job. Mums and Dads, talk to those bright young things because OUR hospital need them. This pandemic goes on and we will need nurses for years ahead.