Shaftesbury has been my home for the last 10 years. It is a place and community that many of us value and want desperately to see survive and thrive at the best of times, now we face so many more totally unforeseen challenges that will stretch the community and resources.

The Town Council has the opportunity to move beyond the internal warfare that is prevalent, providing civic leadership to serve all our residents. Post-Covid we need a united council to provide representation and a voice for all; the pressures on public spending will be substantial and there will be a need to deliver core local services at best value.

West Ward where I am standing has one of the highest fixed income groups, these residents can no longer be taken for granted as a bottomless well of cash for grandiose projects. I will push for far greater engagement and transparency as to how the Town Council is spending our money for the benefit of all today, and, for future generations.

Mike Madgwick – Independent Candidate – West Ward – Shaftesbury Town Council