Hilary Davidson, Independent, Laverstock Division

I am standing as an Independent candidate for Laverstock Division which, with the boundary changes, now also includes Bishopdown Farm, Hampton Park and Riverdown Park.

I believe decisions on local Wiltshire matters should not be made based on national party politics. We have seen what happens in Wiltshire with a Conservative-led council, on which the ruling group tends to toe the national party line and does not necessarily work in harmony with Labour and other political party councillors to work for what the residents want, but instead try to score political points off each other.

I, as an Independent, have no axe to grind. I want to ensure any future schemes (such as the Salisbury centre cycle lane fiasco, which wasted thousands of your money), don’t get implemented without proper consultation with the locals who know and use the area. I also want to push for useful initiatives, such as moving Churchfields and the rubbish/recycling centre which will reduce pollution and heavy traffic levels in the city and will also improve waste disposal access for us.

I, and many of you, believe that a cheaper option for solving the traffic flow problem on the A303 past Stonehenge would be to dual the road lanes there, leaving the remainder of the £1.7 billion! of your money, currently earmarked for the Stonehenge tunnel, to be more beneficially used towards a Salisbury bypass.

I want to ensure no additional housing developments are built in the Laverstock and Bishopdown/Hampton Park/Riverdown Park area and that our taxes are used rather to preserve and enhance our green areas.

I know, from speaking to many of you that you support me in these views.

Please give me a chance to stop national politics interfering with what locals want: vote for me on May 6.

Thank you very much.

Hilary Davidson. Proud to be Independent