By Really Grumpy Gran

I have always believed with every protest march there is always a core group who feel passionately about the cause. But then you get hundreds of people who basically like a ruckus and will join in without knowing or caring what the cause is, just because they can.

Right from early on, when we were supposed to be socially distancing and not getting together in large groups, we have had protest marches, when people were obviously too close together. And when they were shouting their mantra which, according to medical experts or anyone with a grain of common sense will know, in close proximity to others is the best way to spread germs. Majority of them did not have masks.

There are laws in place about protesting during lockdown, but like most Covid rules, they are not very concise. So all the police can do is watch that it doesn’t get out of hand, or be abused for doing their job, taking them away from proper policing.

How lucky the protesters in this country are, in comparison with other countries.

We have had protests about Black Lives Matter, Extinction Rebellion, people who declare Covid does not exist, and another amazing one is that lockdown is unlawful. Have they made a difference? I am sure a lot of people are more annoyed because they are not adhering to the covid rules and couldn’t care less about what they are protesting about!

There are other ways of making your thoughts known. For instance, I don’t understand why they don’t use social media platforms which are far more likely to make an impact if they use them intelligently and wisely.

Anyone out there wants to join me on a protest march, protesting about protesters? Only five people need apply under current rules. Bring your own mask and don’t stand too close to me! reallygrumpygran