Salisbury City Council April 26 Planning In our kitchens.

That application to refurbish and extend the existing house and erect two three-bedroom chalet bungalows in the garden at Netherhampton Road? They object.

Then that ‘telecommunications site’ in Scotts Lane, where they want to install three antennas and relocate three other antennas with installation of supporting steelwork, associated apparatus and other works? Cllr Farquhar’s worried about how they’re going to stick to the 40ft rule.

No-one’s objected to the demolition of the building in Brown Street, the old Alzheimer’s building with its spacious forecourt, and replacing it with a new ‘hospitality area’ –– a space where, its part-owner, Amanda Newbery, claims ‘everyone can socialise safely.’ Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Especially if it attracts the youngsters and gives them somewhere safe to socialise in the evenings.

Other encouraging things are planned for Ashley Road Open Space and Fisherton Recreation Ground as well as land at the Maltings and Central Car Park. It’s all part of the River Park Scheme and involves flood defences, new bridges and culverts along with enhanced pedestrian and cycle routes. But while SCC supports the development, it would like to be more involved in the planning decisions and shouldn’t all parts of the WC website be available to SCC councillors? (How about a trip to a local village hall to find out about the functions and actual limitations of a parish council’s powers?)

This looks interesting too, though not on the same scale. Someone in Gainsborough Close wants to put a log cabin, a gazebo, a toddler’s play area and an outdoor gym in their back garden. Sounds fun.

Proposed demolition of an existing bungalow and building two houses at Milford Manor Gardens? Wouldn’t they overlook their neighbour’s property?

And so the list goes on: plans which have already been rejected, applications and objections noted, plans for buildings up to the property line considered and rejected, infringements of planning laws seemingly endlessly mulled over and potential eyesores deplored.

Next Full Council is May 17, or it could be 24 May 24 to give the new councillors a bit of time

to settle in.

Just don’t forget election day, May 6, will you?