Salisbury city council Finance and Governance Committee, Monday, November 2.

New charges?

OK. Cllr Daley’s in charge tonight and there’s no cause for concern with regard to the accounts, so well done, Annie Child.

They seem to have inherited a lot of properties. 18 College Street? It hasn’t been rented out yet.

And 47 Blue boar Row? It’s a nice shop in the centre of town but there may be a bit of damp. They’re sorting it out.

Cllr McLelland’s concerned about the budget next month. What about raising the car parking fees?

Then what should Salisbury be best known for, apart from the cathedral and being close to Stonehenge? How about the 2,000 Spitfires built here in secret during WW2? Isn’t that something to celebrate? So how about a statue of a Spitfire in full flight, at Castle Road, on the site of the old Spitfire factory? They’ve already raised £61K according to Cllr Berry, and they’re only asking SCC for £3K. Cllr Hoque thinks it’s a fantastic thing to do and he’s supported by Cllr Osment and everyone else.

They’ve got a Risk Management Policy which is long and a bit complicated and Annie’s going to present an annual report in future to the finance and governance committee on the management of risks. It’ll be posted on the council’s website. Worth checking if only to admire the colour scheme.

Oh yes. New charges are to come into force on December 1 for the hire of council equipment although other fees and charges should remain the same.

Cross fingers.