David Bradley’s the main speaker tonight. He’s SCC’s environmental services manager (yes, it’s still a parish council) and he has all the information they need about how Salisbury’s contributing generally to do what they can to protect the environment.

He’s prepared a spreadsheet for them. The dreaded Covid-19 has had an impact of course, but they have an environmental policy which Annie Scadden has been helping with, and there are 44 other things. David thinks they’re making good progress. They’re putting together a report on Salisbury’s carbon footprint and thinking of ways to lower it. He thinks Salisbury’s already very good at recycling. Everything on the market, for instance, is recyclable. (Is he sure?)

They have their first electric vehicles, which are very quiet, and more solar panels are to be installed, hopefully before Christmas. Then the heat from the cremators is to be used when they’re not actually cremating bodies and they’re favouring LED lighting systems over others, as well as water-saving devices.
And, of course, we’re all leaving our cars at home and cycling where possible, aren’t we?

Cllr Corbin (Tom) thinks businesses should follow the council’s example, concerning environmental policies, and Cllr Farquhar invites other councillors to suggest additional items for David’s list – his list, which is received with much enthusiasm.

So what else was there to talk about? Well, no questions or statements from councillors, no declarations of interest and no chairman’s announcements.
Cllr Nettle, as chairman of the Business Working Group, will write a report, as will Cllr Farquhar for the Environmental Working Group. And we’re all glad the Pantry Partnership is going to get its rent reduced. Of course we are.