Christmas Cheer

Well, we didn’t really expect it to be ‘Personnel’, did we? That name belongs to those meetings which are kept deadly secret. (- where I think, because we’re never actually allowed to be told, they discuss things they don’t want us to know about. I mean, what could that be?)

So the committee meetings have been shifted around and we have ‘Services’ instead. What a surprise.

Anyway, they’re going to work closely with Community Action to open a Salisbury Community Social Supermarket at 59, Catherine Street. It’s to do with helping families who are finding it difficult to manage, especially during this rather trying time. It seems there could be a surprising number of children in Salisbury affected by their parents having to claim out-of-work benefits, and they’re hoping to have it in operation by the end of 2020.

During the festive period, the area in front of the War Memorial on the Guildhall Square is to be given over to the Sunday markets, a Christmas Tree Trail and a Santa Experience (Cross fingers we’re out of lockdown by then. I mean, it’ll be a bit difficult to stick with the Covid rules while you’re being hugged by Santa, won’t it?)

Then we have a Shop Mobility Improvement Works Partnership Report. It’s to do with upping the experience of The Maltings and involves a new entrance with sliding doors, new shop signage, wall painting and increased lighting to be installed throughout the car park area.

Oh yes. Organisation of Christmas celebrations (if they’re to happen, that is) in the town centre is to be imported from SouthampChristton this year.

And what about the Christmas Tree? The Christmas Tree will go ahead.