Full council – March 8 In our kitchens

They’re having their usual mayor-making (yes, it’s still only a parish council) except it’s to be delayed until May 17, when, hopefully, all problems besetting us at the moment – mostly to do with Corona – will be largely resolved. So the parish councillors will still parade round the city in their robes , hats and chains with brass band accompaniment, and we’re assured by Cllr Walsh the ceremony will be, as always, ‘second to none.’

Yes. Good to know they recognise what’s really important.

Council leader Liz Sirman reports the Commonwealth flag’s flying over the Guildhall and that things are looking a bit brighter. Litter’s been cleaned up, they have CCTV, pub watch, city watch, more water fountains and solar panels to help combat climate change (Ah, if it were only that easy).

It’s Cllr Sirman’s last meeting. A pity. They really could do with more women on the council, couldn’t they?

Lower Bemerton Recreational Ground Trust? It’s to do with money and all present councillors are trustees apparently.

Cllr Berry says Blue Boar Row’s getting developed ‘in due course.’ David Bradley and the Services Committee will be told about it when the report’s ready.
There’s a lot going on in the environmental working group and they’re making good progress. Cllr Baber thanks all the people who helped with the CCTV, Cllr Jackson praises the progress at the crematorium and Cllr Nettle thanks everyone for their hard work generally. (He’s had a ride in one of the splendid new litter-picking vehicles).

Cllr Jackson announces the museum is also opening on May 17.

Okay. It’s time to start thinking about money. Salisbury Transition City? They support a Salisbury wildlife group as well as having other environmental concerns. Christian Lange’s in charge. But haven‘t they already had help from the Area Board? Look, what they’re working towards is the future of the planet. And they are young people who will be around when the changes start to have a significant effect. They’re aiming for the city to be carbon neutral by 2030. Shouldn’t we be doing what we can to help them?

Then there’s Salisbury Community Energy, WI and many more, it seems. But what about the Arts? Wiltshire Creative (Playhouse, Arts Centre and Festival) would like £42k please. £42k? That’s a bit much, isn’t it? Cllr Nettle thinks it should be £20k. But Cllr Dean thinks they’re the three things that attract people to the city (not the cathedral or Stonehenge then?) and should take priority. He suggests £20k now with £10k later in the year. Carried.

Cllr Farquhar’s here with information about Wiltshire Local Plan which involves all parishes in Wiltshire (sorry, Salisbury. That includes you) and it seems to concern, mainly, house building and proposed bypass. We have Christian Lange back and he acknowledges that building more roads really isn’t the answer to the problems a climate emergency is likely to bring. Robert Lewis, whose delightful shop, in Britford, surrounded by friendly ponies, is something we all delight to visit, is against the proposed change and Cllr Corbin (Tom) thinks a bypass would be harmful to the views of Quidhampton, Harnham and Britford among others. It would change Salisbury irrevocably.

Cllr Nettle asks why they want a bypass. And 240 new homes? Won’t a bypass just encourage more development? Cllr Dalton says they looked at the proposal 25 years ago and rejected it because of lack of infrastructure. Cllr Moody just doesn’t want to end up like Tidworth.

Okay. Someone wants ‘No Engine Idling’ signs put up in the town centre and outside schools.

Cllr Tomes says it’s illegal anyway just to sit in your car with the engine running, particularly near schools, but Cllr Osment doesn’t want any more road signs. Isn’t it up to the school to enforce the rules? Cllr Dalton thinks SCC doesn’t have the jurisdiction. They need to go to WC. And it’s not just kids we need to think about, is it? What about older people, particularly those with asthma and other respiratory problems? But isn’t the ‘no idling engine’ rule a bit difficult to enforce? Perhaps they should just talk to the head teacher or care home owner if it’s not going to be enforced in some other way.

Oh yes. We have a Co-option Policy Report. So what happens if there’s a vacancy on the parish council? They have an election. Cllr Osment knows of parish councils where people aren’t elected but co-opted. And they’re not usually paid, are they? Yes. Except for one councillor, who does it for free, Salisbury council pay themselves, I think, a collective total of about £17k. Anyway the next ‘mayor making’ is due on May 17.
You wouldn’t want to miss it, would you?

Forty minutes Planning March 22 In our kitchens

They’re doing things to their windows in Cherry Orchard Lane. Cllr Walsh doesn’t see a problem so it’s OK. And the first floor extension in Roman Road? That’s OK too.

The single storey rear extension in Coronation Road? Isn’t it a bit close to the property line? They object.

But there’s no problem with the proposed extension in Harnwood Road. The neighbours seem happy with it and it’s not near the boundary, so that’s alright.
Tesco Metro in Castle Street? A lot of fascia signs and graphic vinyls? Cllr Hoque thinks they should follow the shop front policy (whatever that is) while Cllr Baber thinks it looks horrible and out of character with the environment.

A new hot food takeaway in New Canal? Cllr Hoque’s worried it might damage the premise’s listed building status, so they’re going to consult the conservation officer.

Ah yes. That building in Milford Street. The Samaritans own it and they want to sell it so they can buy somewhere more suitable for homeless folk. Good luck with that.

There’s a plan to do some roof conversion and other alterations to a house in Balmoral Road. It’s on a corner but there don’t seem to be any real problems with it. And those new fire-resistant ceilings and double glazing at a building in Fisherton Street? They’ll go along with it.

Finally clerk Annie’s concerned about changes to W C’s website. Apparently, they’re having some teething problems.

The meeting’s lasted just 40 minutes and they have only one more planning meeting before the new election.

We can all go home.