John Wigglesworth, Durrington

So now the Liberals in our area want 100,000 new buildings! The Government also want cheaper mortgages for our young and struggling.

It is well-known that the more houses we build, the stronger will be our economy. To date, we in South Wiltshire have seen all this taking place!

The biggest landowners in Wiltshire are the MOD! Even farmers lease land from the MOD. Larkhill is now the biggest camp in the country. The new sites are enormous. Our local school now takes in 50% of all its pupils for all the primary areas from the regiments in camp. Here I say a big thank you for what they have given in the new school re-build in Durrington.

As former governor, I know the improvements were needed. It is a good school.

So what land is left? Our farmers have for some time had hard times. Tradition in farming has for years been to pass on to sons and daughters to carry on the good work! That was until the MOD took the land and leased it out, naturally to the highest bidder.

I have spent my life in the building industry, travelling at least a third of the southern quarter, covering 18,000 miles a year when I was on the road. Been there, done that! We now have big problems in buildings! One thing is common: the planning system is well out of date.

Most houses do not have enough parking space. Terrace houses in all sites built over the past 30 years do not have parking spaces. One terrace house can need two cars at a very tight squeeze.

Durrington’s Bulford Road is narrow and it is a main thoroughfare with shops. Stonehenge Road has larger houses, and cars park on what is, at peak times, busy. It now is used to cross the village to avoid the queues into Bulford Road. This road now needs a crossing for children and Mums going to school.

New houses bring many more problems. Large sites that have been built over the past four years now have the largest faults in their construction I have ever seen over the past 60 odd years. Some of these houses may be owned by you.

Our traffic needs wider roads for the residents and their visitors and deliveries! Who has the land? Who will pay the cost?

Please: no more 800 units like this planned for Harnham on the edge of our city. Building should not take place on this lovely country area that should be set as a park to live and enjoy for us and our wildlife too!