Wiltshire Council has today, June 24, become a founding member of the Countryside Climate Network to help tackle climate change.

The network aims to be carbon neutral by 2030 and promotes the voice of the countryside in climate change discussions.

The Countryside Climate Network aims to ensure the voice of rural knowledge and experience on climate action is listened to in Westminster, and wants rural councils to be active in transforming the national economy into saving, rather than harming, the environment.

Two-thirds of the country live outside major towns and cities, and the Network wants investment, such as the government’s delayed £100 billlion infrastructure fund, to be targeted in rural areas.

The council is working with the Local Government Association (LGA) and the County Councils Network to measure the council’s levels of carbon emissions and create a standard, comparable measurement for all councils as a baseline for carbon emissions and report on them. The trial is expected to begin later in the summer.

The Countryside Climate Network, established by UK100, has 21 councils representing 14.3 million people, a quarter of the population (25%) and two fifths (41%) of England by area. The group is chaired by the Leader of Cambridgeshire Council, Cllr Steve Count. To find out more go to: www.uk100.org.