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Trying to foster a sense of team spirit within your business is challenging. Teams need conflicting personalities in order to succeed, but teaching these personalities to get along isn’t always easy. This is where the principle of team building comes into play. By encouraging your employees to get along in activities outside of the office, it is supposed to build valuable connections that make it easier to get along inside the office.

If you’re looking for a team building activity that the whole office can get involved with, you need to consider a trip to your local golf course. Here are just some of the reasons golf is great for business team building.

Golf is an inclusive sport

Golf is great for the young and the old. For men and for women. And you don’t have to be incredibly healthy to enjoy a game of golf. This makes it the perfect inclusive sport for your office. You won’t be excluding anyone or making anyone feel that they are holding everyone up. And if anyone has mobility issues, they can use a golf cart to get around.

You don’t need a lot of gear

You can hit the golf course with no specialist gear. This means your employees won’t feel the pressure to have to invest a lot in new kit. All you really need is a good pair of golf shoes. Some people might want to go all out and get the look, but this isn’t necessary. You will be able to hire golf clubs and balls, so all your team need to do is show up. 

Golf is easy to learn

While it might take a lot of practice to get really good at golf, you can learn the basics in an afternoon. Leaning a new activity together is a great way to foster a sense of community within your team. No matter how skilled or hopeless you are at golf, the journey of improving and helping one another will help to foster a positive team environment in and out of the office.

Golf is confidence boosting

Learning a new sport is a huge confidence booster. Since golf is such a technical sport, your team will start to see their progression much faster. This confidence can easily be taken back into the office as they get better and better time and time again. People don’t always try new things in their personal lives as they already have their hobbies and sports that they enjoy. If they don’t already play golf, encouraging them to try something new can give a huge confidence boost. 

Golf is naturally social

Golf isn’t like a game of football or tennis where there is always something happening. Golf is a naturally social sport. It’s often in the times between holes that the best conversations will happen and your team will really get to know one another. Most golf club houses also have a bar or restaurant, so you can make a whole day event out of a trip to the course. Since some companies want to distance themselves from organising events that revolve around alcohol, a trip to the golf course can be a welcome change.

Golf is great for corporate events

You don’t just have to stick to your internal team for your golfing trips. If you want to build relationships with clients and suppliers, the golf course ia a great place to bond. Golfing is often associated with luxury and class, so it can be a good tool for branding your company as an upscale organisation. And if your team have already been out on the course perfecting their swing, they’ll all be ready to impress your clients.