Older people in Wilton and neighbouring villages Amesbury and Salisbury, are to be involved more closely in the Silver Sunday programme in celebration of International Older People’s Day at the beginning of October.

A Community Fund grant was awarded to support older people to deliver afternoon teas as soon as lockdown was lifted.

Irene Kohler, Salisbury Older People’s Champion, said: “As we couldn’t deliver teas in January as planned, we took activity packs to 400 older people at home. We are very grateful for Wilton and District Link Service for all their help getting the packs out. We felt it was really important older people, many of whom live alone and were isolating or isolated, should know they are not forgotten. Volunteers delivering the packs said how good it was to see people at the front door they had not seen for weeks. The tea delivery is planned to start as soon as we know when lockdown will be lifted, hopefully, the end of March or early April.”

Volunteers who can bake, help with delivery, or who are aware of elderly neighbours for whom receiving a tea are also needed. If you are aware of older people who are isolated at home and for whom having tea delivered to them would make a real difference, email Irene on silver.salisbury@outlook.com

A part-time freelance outreach worker job application details are available on www.silversalisbury.co.uk