Youngsters can take their dads on the bus for free for fathers on Sunday, June 16- by buying a dayrider ticket.

“Choosing a gift for Father’s Day can prove to be a bit of a challenge for many – so Salisbury Reds is once again marking Father’s Day by offering the city’s a trip on the buses.

“We’re sure fathers across the area would like nothing better than to spend their special day with their off-spring – so what better way to do that than to take a day trip on us?

“There are plenty of great places to visit here – and this is an excellent opportunity to leave the car at home, relax and take an adventure together. A chance for kids to return the favour and take on the role of ‘dad’s taxi’ – even if it’s just for one day,” said Nikki Honer, Salisbury Reds’ head of communications.

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