Wilton Riding for the Disabled (RDA) hopes to recruit 100 volunteers of all ages to do 100 activities in May in the RDA’s ‘Wilton 100 challenge’.

Alex Thomas, trustee, said: “It’s been a tough year for most charities because of the coronavirus. Wilton RDA is no exception. Our ‘Wilton 100 Challenge’ is a fun way to raise important funds for the centre, while offering the personal challenge to do ‘100 of something active’ to support their own physical and mental health.

This could be cycling 100 miles, walking round a park 100 times, skipping or running, swimming or, of course, horse riding.”

Wilton RDA hopes at least 100 volunteers will get active and raise funds to help the centre, which provides life-enhancing riding therapy for disabled adults and children aged from three to 83.

“Sign up as a team or an individual and pledge to raise £100. Entrants can complete their 100 in any way. It does not have to be completed in one day but can be spread across the month of May,” Alex said. “We do not want to limit people’s imagination. Just think of the wonderful Captain Tom and what he achieved. People can be incredibly clever at coming up with great ideas. We just ask that they get sponsorship to raise £100.”

Looking after and maintaining a team of 16 horses is expensive. Annual cost of running the centre is more than £80,000, which is why the RDA is organising the challenge.

All funds raised will be devoted to supporting the RDA horses and the 140 disabled riders who benefit from using the centre.
To take part RDA’s ‘Wilton 100 Challenge’, register by emailing: wilton100challenge@gmail.com