Wiltshire Council is urging electors to make sure they take a mask, voting card and a pen or pencil to cast their votes with just a week to go until election day.

On May 6, Wiltshire Council unitary, town and parish, and Police and Crime Commissioner elections and several neighbourhood plan referendums are on the same day.

Each of the county’s 348 polling stations will ensure they are COVID-secure. The location of local polling station are on the council’s website, or printed on their polling card. The council hopes voters will double check their local polling station before they set off, as it could be a different venue to previous elections.

Due to social distancing reasons, queue may form outside the polling station and people are advised to be prepared for whatever weather may be on the day.

Those who have applied to vote by post are asked to post the postal packs back as soon as possible after they have received them. They need to arrive by 10pm 6 May 6, so if anyone feels they might not make it by that date via the post, they can hand them in to their local polling station on their poll card or County Hall in Trowbridge.

More information about the elections can be found at www.wiltshire.gov.uk/elections-2021.