A new concept in dining and coffee shops opens in Salisbury on November 20.

‘Lah Koh’ will open its doors to the public for the first time, initially for takeaways only while the UK is still in lockdown. It is serving healthy-eating and nutritious Asian-inspired food alongside fresh artisan coffee, fresh raw juices and smoothies, and healthy snacks.

The owners claim that, while many larger cities offer healthy options when eating out, the choices in Salisbury are limited and Lah Koh is keen to change that!

“It is our aim to serve nutritious and delicious food fast, making it more accessible in cost and availability. All of our food will carry a Nutri-score of A or B, meaning that it is full of healthy nutrients and will be affordably priced,” the owner said.

Lah Koh dishes are freshly prepared on-site.

“We focus on extracting as much flavour from the most sustainable ingredients available. We have adapted some classic Asian favourites, which are often considered unhealthy, by extracting as much natural flavour as possible and restricting sodium, saturated fats and sugar.

“We are delighted with the results and we think you will be too!”

One size does not fit all and Lah Koh strives to provide a personal approach to the dietary requirements of each and every customer with all food being made to order and with the addition of lots of vegetarian and vegan options to our menu.

Ordering can be on-line or by using touch screens in-store, with all dishes ‘fully customisable’.

Lah Koh, 17-19 Fisherton Street, Salisbury SP2 7SU.