MPs debated the return to the regionally-orientated tier system to help control the pandemic, in place of the second lockdown.
South West Wilts MP Dr Andrew Murrison supported the second national lockdown, principally because schools remained open. But he remained concerned about the lack of a plan B, saying it was clear  “we cannot continue with waves of restrictive lockdowns into 2021 that would crush lives, liberties and livelihoods.
This time around, he found himself ‘more able to support the Government’. Alluding to the vaccine, he said: “It seems we are now on the brink of a game-changer, in a way that perhaps we could not be confident about last month.”
Dr Murrison has been in close contact with the two key hospitals catering for South West Wiltshire – Salisbury and Bath – and said he “would continue to scrutinise the Government’s approach to restrictions based on evidence such as hospital admissions.”