Today, February 19, South West Wiltshire MP Andrew Murrison took part in the Wiltshire climate change summit hosted by Devizes MP Danny Kruger. The adverse effects of Westbury’s incinerator were raised, with Dr Emma Dawnay questioning whether Wiltshire had the capacity in its yearly carbon ‘budget’ for the estimated 2.7 million tonnes CO2 the incinerator will offload. Dr Murrison said a ‘carbon-belching’ old style waste incinerator’ was not needed.

But, this week, he also discussed with Wiltshire councillors and officers the implications of the imminent Bath Clean Air Zone on West Wiltshire residents. He has written a letter jointly with Chippenham MP Michelle Donelan and Wiltshire Council Leader Phillip Whitehead asking ministers to intervene to remove the A36 and A4 London Road from the zone.

Dr Murrison said: “It is incredibly disappointing that Bath should seek to remedy its air quality problem by shunting the problem onto its neighbours. Many of my constituents in Westbury live right on the A350. They should not be burdened further with Bath’s through traffic.”

Yesterday, Andrew submitted his response to the Environment Agency’s consultation on Northacre Renewable Energy’s (NRE) Westbury incinerator application. The EA has the regulatory power to provide NRE with a permit. Without this, the site would not be allowed to operate – even with planning permission from Wiltshire Council. It is understood the application could be considered by Wiltshire Council next month.