Valentine’s Day could be the chance for nine long-term residents to find their special someone after spending more than 13 years in kennels at the  Dogs Trust Salisbury.

Most of the dogs at the rehoming centre find their forever homes quickly, but some are overlooked by visitors, often because they have specific homing requirements or need a little more TLC than their neighbours.

Claire Rowe, Manager at Dogs Trust Salisbury, said:“We see dogs of all shapes, and sizes here at Dogs Trust Salisbury and whilst many of them fly out of the doors, others take a little while longer to find their perfect match. It goes without saying that puppies and cute, fluffy breeds will usually find a home quickly. Similarly a dog that is confident and approaches the front of his kennel wagging his tail when people walk past, will get rehomed far faster than a shy dog who needs a few meet and greets before making sure his new owners are the right fit.

“Our longer terms dogs are all very special to us and they all deserve great homes with families who will love them for who they are.”

To welcome a dog into your life, and to find out more about all the dogs at Dogs Trust Salisbury, call 01980 880891.