With the longest  list of new candidates for decades, the local Labour Party hopes to have more councillors joining long-standing unitary (Wiltshire Council) Labour councillors Ian McLennan (Laverstock), Labour leader, Ricky Rogers (Salisbury Fisherton and Bemerton Village) and Salisbury Mayor Elect, Caroline Corbin (Bemerton Heath) on the new council. after the May 6 elections.

Cllr Rogers said; “In past elections we spread ourselves really thin, but we have upped our game. This time, we are targeting seats especially in Salisbury and South Wiltshire where the Tories are hopelessly divided and waste taxpayer’s money. It’s time to replace the same tired local leadership.”

Labour’s new candidates for Wiltshire Council include an NHS manager, previously a lead UK negotiator at the UN, Tony Mears (Amesbury South), a former Lt Col Frances West (Salisbury Milford), retired head teacher, John Wells ( Salisbury St Frances and Stratford),  Defence sector professional, Sheena King (Old Sarum and Lower Bourne Valley) corporate financial planner, Ian Jones (Amesbury East and Bulford), arts worker, Stephanie Jalland (Downton), retired Railway Engineering Manager, Andrew Cooke (Winterslow and Upper Bourne Valley) Army scientist  and engineer, Colin Skelton  (Salisbury Harnham West), retired children’s Social Worker, Tim Sedgwick-Jell (Amesbury West) and Hospice at home team member Finbarr Sheehan.

Labour is also fielding two 18-year-old candidates. A level student Finn Anderson, 18 on April 8, (Redlynch and Landford) and drama student, Seamus Green (Wilton), 18 last September.

Labour’s list of new candidates for the Salisbury City Council elections is headed by Clare Moody, MEP for the South West until 2019, voluntary support worker, Jenny Bolwell (Salisbury Fisherton and Bemerton Village) and Anita Goddard who has 20 years’ experience working in local government.

Clare Moody said: “It is exciting to see the people standing as Labour candidates in this election.  The range and depth of experience and the commitment to public service they bring means Salisbury and South Wiltshire voters will get strong, principled and dedicated representatives in Wiltshire and city councils through voting Labour.”