By Beth Doherty
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Anthony Brown-Hovelt, a tarot card reader and Numerologist based in Wilton, had a busy year.

With 2020 full of uncertainty, Anthony has seen an increase in clients looking for some reassurance, clarity, and ways to manage their worries. Anthony, a tarot reader for the past 10 years, says he has always been psychic.

“I always saw and felt things, and I knew when things were about to happen. My Granny was a tarot reader but she passed away before I was old enough to ask her about the things I was experiencing,” said Anthony.

Anthony, who spent time in the Army, believes his psychic skills saved his life. “I didn’t know how to cope with feelings, and after I left the Army, I lost that sixth sense so I started to teach myself tarot.”

Later, Anthony enrolled in a tarot course at Wiltshire College taught by Sue Smith. After he was ill and had to give up work, he started telephone psychic readings for clients across the world.

As we head into a new year, NVN asked for his predictions for 2021.

Will balance be resumed and is a shift in the world’s energy something to be positive about? Will there be a change in the world’s energy?
2021 breaks down to year five in numerology. A ‘five’ year is a year of re-evaluation, reflection and discarding what is no longer relevant, and planning incremental changes to achieve the things desired. It is a time of change that sets the tone for the next two years. There isn’t really a change in the world’s energy, Gia takes time to change meaningfully but I believe the shift is for the better and over a 10-year period. By the end of this decade we should see things getting better.

What about the bigger picture?
The questions have to be seen in a longer-term context: several shifts in human history. Civilisations in South America faced a cataclysm about 5000 years ago due to climate change. They used a short calendar, 52 years, at the end of which the world ended. Their system of divination was worked out by understanding the past and when alignments reoccurred, they predicted the same things would come to pass. In this way, they accurately predicted the climate change we are now experiencing.

I predict we will see more about cleaning up our environment and re-using things, and question the ethics of the climate change lobby. Electric isn’t the answer. Hydrogen is, and I predict we will see much more about the development of this form of power to reduce the need for production of costly and damaging electricity.

Will the world’s economy pick up?
Yes! In most of my readings for people (and I have an international clientele across the globe) nearly all will see a significant change for the better from March onwards, and May seems to be the other key point of change. There will be a huge backlog of things people will want and need and can’t get at the moment. Those in manufacturing will be busy and it will be a time for entrepreneurs to excel, in filling gaps in the market.

In many respects people and businesses will be evaluating the way they work and as a society, we will need to readdress how we use space and time. But the one thing that has become clear is that we are a social animal and interaction with others is key to our mental wellbeing. A return to societies and groups with common purpose will be popular and links that have been forged during this year will continue to evolve as we benefit by having a sense of self-worth within a community!

This year has thrown a lot of people off balance: will balance be resumed?
Yes, we are an adaptable species. I predict we will see people wanting to reconnect with their higher selves and Gia, to seek a more spiritual future, and be a bit less materialistic and more demanding of the products we buy and want. So many have reconnected with gardening and the enjoyment of growing things to eat or take pleasure from introducing pets into their lives and receiving the unconditional love of an animal.

2020 has been a pretty awful year. Next year will, of course, have its ups and downs, a time of change and new priorities, but I believe in a positive way that will, in the end, bring long-term benefits for health and wellbeing as the strides in medical research, social readjustments and values bring new ways of doing things to the fore.

Have a very prosperous New Year and look forward to the challenges ahead!