Salisbury Cathedral’s organ scholar, Sam Bristow, has landed a prestigious position at St Paul’s Cathedral as the William and Irene Miller Organ Scholar. He takes up his new post in September, as one the four organists at the cathedral.

Sam joined Salisbury Cathedral last September. The music department has a strong record. Last year Alexander Palotai became Assistant Organist at Chester Cathedral, Dan Mathieson is currently Graduate Organ Assistant at Worcester College, Oxford, Claudia Grinnell has been assistant organist at Winchester Cathedral since 2017, and Kris Thomsett is Assistant Director of Music at Newcastle Cathedral.

Sam was Organ Scholar at Birmingham and Coventry Cathedrals. He graduated with first class honours from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire in 2019.

Sam said: “It is an immense honour and it will be a special opportunity to join the music department. I will relish the chance to play a part in the highly-esteemed musical tradition at St Paul’s and will view every day as a unique opportunity to learn my craft to the very highest standard.”

Sam will play Salisbury Cathedral’s famous Father Willis organ, returned to full service in April. The organ will be re-dedicated at 3pm Evensong on Easter Day, after a year of restoration and repair.

The organ’s return is also celebrated with a year-long organ festival, part of Salisbury 2020, City on the move.