Car parking charges will be increased from August 1 at Salisbury District Hospital.

Short-term parking for up to two hours will continue to be in line with normal local city centre parking rates, according to Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Patients and visitors can still park for free for 20 minutes in any of its barrier controlled on-site car parks.

Concessionary rates are available for people who require regular visits for treatment, or visiting patients receiving long-term care.

Rates and charging structure for staff parking are also increased. Staff on higher pay rates will be charged more than the on lower paid.

Ian Robinson, Operations  Director for Estates and Facilities said: “It’s important that we have a charging structure in place to maintain on-site parking and services without using money for direct patient care.

“Money from car parking has been used to support developments and services that benefit patients and staff.”

Car parking charges : £2.70 up to 2 hours; £4-50 up to 4 hours; £6-50 up to 6 hours; £8 up to 24 hours.

Daily concession rate for visitors Patients and visitors who meet the appropriate criteria can pay £2.70 per visit: for patients who routinely attend for chemotherapy treatment

Weekly concessionary rate for patients and visitors is £12 for patients and visitors who have multiple visits to hospital during a seven-day period