One of the last of Mere’s community pubs is battling for survival, but its regulars are not giving up on its future.

“We are still in lockdown but I can honestly see some real benefits. We haven’t yet raised the amount of money we had hoped to from the share issue, but that was to be expected under the circumstances,” said one of the members of the Mere Community Benefit Society group planning to save the pub from closure.

.“This has reinforced our thinking that buying the pub for the community is the right thing to do. Firstly, warm sunny days mean that people off work have been able to get on with the garden tidy-up season, and I know many of them look fantastic. Brendon and Dawn at the pub have been planting cleaning and painting all the public areas in the garden and inside the pub.

“But they have been just as busy on other things. The church and pub joined forces collecting for local food banks with the Butt of Sherry being the drop-off point for donations between 10am and pm on Thursdays, but in addition in the side room while dropping off food you could pick up or drop off a book or two as the Butt of Sherry book exchange is up and running with no fee

“The Thursday Quiz is been a great success. We hope these are some of the benefits that will be with us after we get back to normal.

“We still need your help at Mere Community Benefit Society by buying shares. Visit The Butt of Sherry Facebook page, 07851 963293  or visit for more information.”