The Verbinnen family, from Amesbury, appear to be AYGO fanatics and have bought four Toyota AYGOs, one for each member of the family.

Jane Harding was the first AYGO owner, but set up a chain reaction as each member of the family chose the vehicle as their next car.

The Toyota AYGO is said to have sophisticated design, trustworthy safety features and modern technology, well-equipped for the whole family’s needs.

Greg Verbinnen said: “My experiences of buying cars from Westover Salisbury has always been a pleasant and enjoyable experience. I really enjoy driving my AYGO. It’s fun to drive, very economical, great in town and out on the open road, highly responsive and very reliable. I love it. It ticks all the boxes for all the family.”

The family chose the AYGO for its economic yet fun drive. Family members, Elaine Mules and Grace Harding also said the AYGOs are easy to drive, clean and maintain.

Ann-Marie Verbinnen said: “It’s a car that makes you smile while you’re driving it and is roomy enough to easily fit in four adults in comfort.”

To book a test drive and experience the Toyota AYGO, contact your nearest Westover Toyota on 01722 430666 (Salisbury) or 01202 532020 (Bournemouth).

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