By Pete Langford, New Valley News guest columnist and keen gardener who is the lead singer and founder of The Barron Knights, the 60s hit-making band


I never throw my old gardening gloves away and thank goodness I don’t. It was the wettest October on record and I’ve never known gloves to get so filthy. I spray them after a good day’s work just to get the mud off.

In the Summer, my wife and I have a walk around and discuss what’s in the right or wrong place, and now is the time to do “plant dancing.” She steals from me and I thieve from her, and the most wonderful thing about gardening is: if it’s not right in 12 months time we plant dance again.

I just wish I had three or four more big compost bin. I’m packed to the top with all the Dahlia cuttings etc., etc. It won’t be long before I am digging out last year’s cuttings from the bottom of the bins. That will be beautiful.

We have had a week of wonderful animal happenings. I have never seen a white heron, but there it was looking for frogs in the pond. Two baby foxes were having the time of their life playing around in the field and a sparrowhawk was diving down on two pigeons for his dinner.

Leeks and carrots are all that is left to pick and enjoy, and I whipped down to the garden centre and stocked up with packets of seed ready for Spring. My wild strip was not its best this year, I let it become overgrown and it stopped some nice wild flowers making a show, so I have dug some specs will and seed up again. I really missed the sunflowers, so I will be making sure I have 20-30 popping up. I love just watching the bees enjoy themselves and then the birds come along for the seeds.

Our herbs have been very successful this year, but I wish I could get my coriander in good order. I need to sow the seeds at the correct intervals, but I also need to put signs up in the greenhouse with the next date to sow.

This will be my last one this year, so enjoy Xmas and Happy Gardening.