By Pete Langford, lead singer and founder of The Barron Knights,the 60s hit-making band

Mud Mud Glorious Mud was such a novelty song, but I don’t think I sang it while doing some digging recently.

I have always covered my dahlias with soil rather than digging up the tubers and keeping them in the greenhouse. Because of global warming, we don’t seem to get such cold to protect them like the old days. But it was not the easiest job because the soil was very, very heavy and not easy to get the fork in deep.

We decided we need better light in a certain area of the , so we had a large bay tree cut to the root and I asked the tree surgeon to not just cut it down but to make sure we have nice wood for the log fire in 2021. He was brilliant and all I had to do was the splitter job, and I know we have a good four to five weeks of logs, if we have a fire every day.

Hedge trimming has been a big job, but once it was done, it’s great to stand back and see the results.

I want to make my wild flower area even better than last year so I keep zipping down to the garden centre and buying up so many packets of beautiful wild flowers. I made a few mistakes this year but dug some spaces so I can reload and see if I have got it right.

When I see a wild flower meadow on TV, I am so envious because they did it right and from the beginning. I often want to google pictures of wild flower meadows and oh, how I wish mine will end up looking the same.

It’s been very tough this year for whatever you do in life, so let’s cross fingers and hope 2021 turns the corner.

I wish you all a very happy festive season, and of course, a healthy and happy 2021.