For the new year, many will have ‘let’s get fit’ in January and do long walks: or you may be a dog walker and need to take your furry friend out twice a day.

Either way, it’s getting fit dog walking or as Elizabeth from Total Foot Health said: “Spare a thought for your feet before you hastily pull on your wellies.”

“Did you know that, although wellies keep your feet dry, they are not designed for longer distance walks? Our feet need to bend at the ankle for effective movement and the Wellington will limit this movement. (That is why people scuff along in wellies!) We see a lot of foot injuries caused by a lot of walking in them. It is worth the extra minute it takes to lace them up.

“Keep your feet happy and healthy by wearing waterproof walking boots instead. They help to protect the foot and ankle, comfortable, well insulated and you can walk for miles in them!

“When you buy a pair of walking boots, here are a few points to remember: wear a walking sock to try the boots on – good socks help to protect the skin from blisters; make sure there is a 1cm (half-inch) between the end of the toes and the end of the boots, and enough depth to wiggle the toes: walk around the shop and down the slope, the boots should not slip and should be comfortable straight away.

“I do suggest buying shoes from somewhere with a selection of styles and help with fitting. When you find the right boots for you, it will make your walks so much more enjoyable. Your feet will be happy too!”
Total Foot Health 01722 340057.