Happy Hearts has been providing exercise and support for people who have suffered cardiac problems for 16 years. They won an award from BHF in 2016 for their work in cardiac rehabilitation, helping those with high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or those who have had a cardiac event requiring NHS treatment such as stents. Covid-19 has certainly changed the way Happy Hearts operate.

Salli, (pictured above) from Happy Hearts, said: “We want to support our members through isolation. We have offered on-line classes for nearly six months and it has been a huge learning curve. Some members were a little reluctant at first but soon realised the convenience of being able to ‘work out from home’: in fact, we have gained many new members who live across the country who have had no access to such services.

“Coming out of lockdown, the NHS has a waiting list for cardiac rehabilitation. We need to support these people, so we are once again offering Phase III Cardiac Rehab as 1-1 sessions to help you get back on the road to recovery. We’ve had a fantastic response from patients who have joined us. It is such a worrying time when you have had a heart attack or scare. The last thing you need is to feel isolated. We are here to help and talk and get your life back.

“Andrew Clements one of our clients, said: ‘having had a heart attack during lockdown, I felt so alone and no idea where to go. Happy Hearts have been fantastic, personable, knowledgeable and given me much needed confidence’. Members who have joined us online have just been astounding us with their improvements over the past 25 weeks not only in their increased fitness levels but in core strength balance and stability, and as importantly, mental health. “

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