By Beth Doherty
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A Salisbury-based fitness influencer has started an online fitness coaching business.

Molly Johnson launched her business ‘Molly Ava Fitness’ on September 7 and is recruiting local clients to create a fitness community.

“I had just graduated and was determined to get a grad job, but when coronavirus took hold, I realised that there were no jobs on offer at the moment.

“I thought ‘if not now when’, so I decided to do something I am passionate about and give it a go while I have the opportunity,” said Molly.

Molly now provides online coaching, designing workouts for people with specific equipment at home, or detailed gym plans.

Most of her clients come from Instagram, where she has worked hard to build a loyal following.

“I am lucky to have an Instagram account that people follow. My fitness account really took off during lockdown as I was sharing at home workouts.

“I have a few local clients and would like to continue to expand my client numbers in Salisbury as it will lead to team activities and a community base.”

Now, more than ever Molly highlights the importance of health and wellbeing.

“The UK needs to be as fit as can be, putting health at the forefront. The greater the underlying health risk you have, the more at risk you are from Coronavirus, and things like diabetes are connected to both obesity and coronavirus,” Molly explained.


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For her, fitness has been a huge part of her mental health.

“In January 2019, I found I was so miserable and I had become so wrapped up in the university lifestyle of drinking and takeaways, I thought there must be some way I can channel these emotions and make positive change.”

Molly took up fitness and after pushing through the first hurdle of getting started, she got the bug.

“I did it to help myself, I fell in love with making myself a better person and now I want to help others do that too.”

With colds, coronavirus, and winter on the horizon, I asked Molly what top tips she gives for keeping healthy going into autumn.

“My first tip would be to look for healthy autumnal vegetables. I love meal prepping for this time of year because there are so many yummy things you can include in heartwarming dishes like soup.

“My second tip would be to embrace frosty walks, pop on an extra layer, and get outside. It is simple changes like that which can make a big difference.”