By Luzia Barclay DBTh MIRCH


One of the effects of getting older is that I appreciate my health more and more. Health is one of the most precious gifts we have. However it does not fall out of the sky, it needs to be cared for and looked after.

Early symptoms of ill health are like a warning light on a car’s dashboard. It signals that something is ‘wrong’.

We have a choice: to ignore the warning light, to suppress it, or to act on it and to look for the cause that ‘switched on’ that warning light. Of course, it is not always as simple as that. What about the genetic predisposition to an illness, for example?

These are difficult conditions. Let’s focus on the things we can change. One big change will be to look at how much refined carbohydrates, especially sugar, we eat. Sugar is probably the most harmful and most addictive substance in our diet. Sorry to say that in the Christmas edition of the New Valley News. Sorry. Please find out for yourself. Cut out sugar and any foods containing refined carbohydrates for one month and observe how you feel. Imagine how wonderful it would be to feel better, sleep better, have more energy and to have a stronger immune system to deal more effectively with micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses.

The state of our immune system is the basis of health, particularly now during this pandemic. A strong immune system is more important now than ever.
Herbal medicine offers us many ways and means to strengthen this system. In general, herbal medicine has a lot to offer to regain health and to prevent disease.

Mankind has accumulated a vast amount of herbal knowledge to support the body’s healing power. It is unwise to dismiss this knowledge, to look down on herbs and to declare them as ‘weeds’.

Have you ever drunk some thyme tea and felt how your respiratory system felt clearer and less ‘bunged up’? Or drunk some hawthorn infusion and felt your heart became calmer and stronger? These are just two small examples.

Herbal Christmas present
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Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year!
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