By Katrina ffiske

A new family service for families with one or more children who have ASD and ADHD (no official diagnosis needed) is a new service from Able Hands Together.

From April 10, families are invited to join a 10-week programme at the base farm in Stoford, and work as a team, feeding the animals, tending to the flower farm, or planting vegetables.

“I know how hard the dynamics can be for families,” said Laura Tween, founder of Able Hands Together. “Families who have a child with ASD or ADHD can struggle to get the support they need, and this can negatively impact the whole family. This is an opportunity for the families to come as a unit in a supportive environment and spend time together.”

During each session, the family will have time with the Able Hand’s life coach, Angela. The programme has been put together by Salisbury- based child psychologist, Maryhan Baker. They can ask open and honest questions and seek advice, on their family dynamics. Alongside the sessions, the family, with a support worker can join activities: sheep may need feeding, eggs collected, or the duck pond cleaned out, and seeds may need to be sown or flowers planted.

“You can learn so much when working as a family away from home,” said Angela. “You can discover each other’s strengths and weaknesses, learn to communicate and respect each other’s needs. Here at Able Hands Together we offer a safe space for the family.”

“Able Hands Together have really kept my daughter going this past year,” said Helen, mother to 22 years-old Maja who has severe learning difficulties. “It was so refreshing for me to go with Maja and be on the farm with her and know that we were safe in these strange times. There was a sense of freedom for us being in that wonderful out-door space. Maja loved feeding the lambs, it’s incredibly therapeutic for her. It’s special caring for an animal that cannot care for itself.”

Each family can attend once a week for 10 weeks. Each session is for two hours, with four families per session.

Session times are Saturdays – Week one: April 10, 10am to 12pm,

Tuesdays – Week one: April 13, 4pm to 6pm
Wednesdays – Week one: April 14, 4pm to 6pm
Cost per session is a suggested donation of £10.

  For all enquiries, contact Claire Routh on

  Able Hands Together, Little Wishford Farm, Warminster Rd, Stoford SP2 0PS