“I finally got through to China!”

Harnham resident and former councillor Greg Condliffe told new Valley news about his real worries concerning his Shanghai-based family after the political decision to bow to US pressure and the bad press for China.

Many days passed without any answer to phone calls and valid complaints about the ‘consulate’ not having a record of supporting Sino-British families were additional anxieties. Problems with a visa for his seven-year-old grandson last year were actually resolved by a Chinese official who considered it disgraceful.

Greg said: “Life is back to normal and street checks reduced, the odd official simply checking people’s temperatures randomly. My son has an app that, if it is coded green, says he is not in contact with any Covid case. Masks have to be worn in taxis, however, my son avoids public transport though the Chinese are inclined to wear masks anyway as a result of the SARS pandemic of the past.

Staff at New Valley News are glad to hear his family is managing and that Chinese students are continuing with their English courses.

Greg added: “One thing is certain: the damage to the language business in the US is going to be another hit to add to the US Trump-driven woes.”