By Beth Doherty
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New Valley News has been sampling Salisbury’s entertainment scene.  With the ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ scheme running throughout August, I took full advantage of the discount to try places where I hadn’t eaten before. With more and more businesses reopening, and people finding creative ways to offer exciting Covid-safe experiences, Salisbury has much to commend it for eating, drinking, watching, and playing.

Salisbury Drive-In

Now, another ‘70s classic is making a comeback, and it couldn’t be more perfect for the new Covid-19 world. A group of us drove to Salisbury Southern Counties Auctioneers armed with pillows, blankets, and popcorn to experience the revival of drive-in cinemas to Bohemian Rhapsody.

Arriving in our little Mini, the moon shining through the sunroof, we were given a transmitter with a Bluetooth speaker, allowing us to set the volume as we wanted.

We pulled up alongside other filmgoers, reclined our chairs, and got comfortable.

Watching Bohemian Rhapsody at the drive-in cinema was an incredibly unique experience. Luckily, the weather was fantastic and the stars made the perfect backdrop for Rami Malek’s award-winning performance of Freddie Mercury.

Operations manager Constantin Wassilev told us about his highlights of the cinema.

“People arrive with pillows and blankets and make it feel like home. At the children’s movies, I have seen kids sitting in the drivers’ seats and the parents in the back, which is a really funny sight!

“Couples have even said they had a little cuddle, making it a romantic date night,” he said.

Escapes Spectre at Salisbury Live Escape Rooms

Having never tried an escape room before, this experience blew my mind. Crafted by Claire and Charlie Pitcher, who used to be a product designer, the couple spent a year hand-crafting Spectre before opening in 2016.

Hidden down a little alleyway on Castle Street, the Salisbury escape room features an abandoned research station that published data on genetics and overpopulation. After a significant breakthrough, the scientists went missing, and haven’t been seen since.

When we arrived, we opened a flap that initiated a video sequence, then suddenly, the door opened. The game had begun.

Determined to crack the code and make it out of the room (our egos were on the line) we had a game plan. Full of clues and puzzles, we worked our way round the room revealing different aspects of the story as we went.

The puzzles are connected with immaculate detail, with props and surprises along the way for a really immersive experience.

If you’re looking for something different to do in Salisbury, a team bonding (or breaking) experience, Salisbury Live escape room is the missing piece from your puzzle.

Eating out

Salisbury City Garden in the Guildhall Square is the perfect location for drinks and local food. The music, floral decor, and fairy lights give it a festival atmosphere, full of vibrancy and punters having a good time. Grab a pint of Pimm’s for £5, try out the local ale, or taste some Caribbean food from local restaurant Benjamín’s.

The Market Inn

This inn has embraced the new outdoor dining culture that has come with the coronavirus pandemic. It’s so lovely to see the pubs and cafés spread out onto the market square, creating the café culture that Salisbury needs, bringing people together.

The Market Inn has a great menu for Sundays, offering roasts, tapas-style snacks, and some English pub classics. We ordered a variety of snacks and a glass of wine while soaking up the Salisbury atmosphere.

Café Diwali

Cafe Diwali looks small on the outside, but step inside and you’ll find a colourful restaurant with a bright conservatory and a quaint garden.

Indian born chef Rasheed brought his delicious Indian street food and craft beer to Salisbury in 2016. With a varied menu of authentic Indian dishes and Thali Platters on offer at lunch, Cafe Diwali gives a unique dining experience.

I ordered the Chicken Mappas curry and couldn’t resist trying both the garlic and Peshawari naan bread. It’s fair to say we all left truly stuffed from our delicious Indian banquet.

Dances at Kludo & Ink

Nightclubs can still open under the new restrictions but will be hugely affected by the pandemic.

Kludo & Ink have created socially-distanced booths for groups of six to enjoy a taste of after-hours nightlife .Each booth has new decor, TV screen showing a DJ, and table service for drinks.

It was great to be able to experience club culture with friends again and Kludo & Ink have made their unique space safe while keeping the party atmosphere.