By Beth Doherty
Twitter:@bethdmedia / @new_valleynews
Instagram: @bethdohertymedia / @newvalleynews

Wilton’s sourdough pizza restaurant is opening a second shop in the City Centre on Butcher Row.

Building on their success since opening their first shop in Wilton, nole seeks to offer the people of Salisbury a new and innovative form of dining during the coronavirus pandemic.

Building the new shop

The new restaurant will offer an intimate dining experience across two storeys. ‘nole’ will continue to offer a takeaway service so customers can enjoy sourdough pizza in the comfort of their own homes.

The menu starts at £9 with a local take on a classic Margherita pizza, topped with locally produced Laverstoke Park Farm buffalo mozzarella. The menu will stay the same throughout the year, but an ever-changing specials menu will offer pizza-lovers something different and hard to find in other local pizza places.

Sourdough pizza originated in Naples and relies on a slow and laborious process to get the perfect chewy, yet crispy crust. ‘nole’ has teamed up with a variety of local suppliers to ensure its dough hits the spot every single time.

Ethan Davids, who is leading the team behind nole’s opening, said: “When we opened our first little shop in Wilton, we weren’t quite ready for the number pizzas we ended up cooking. The opportunity came about quite quickly in the market square, and we’re now looking to build on a strong start to life and offer the same great food in Salisbury.

“Obviously opening a restaurant with the ever-looming threat of lockdown presents its challenges, but we’re all confident that our concept works and the city centre will come back fighting once this all blows over, whenever that may be. To say we’re excited to open our doors is an understatement.”

‘nole’ on Salisbury Market Place is due to open in mid-November, and pizza enthusiasts can keep up-to-date with its progress on social media, as well as news on the pizza shop’s introductory offer for its opening week.