Salisbury Cathedral‘s first feminism debate is on Tuesday March 3, as part of Salisbury Conversations 2020.

What has feminism done for you?
From the right to vote to #MeToo, feminism in various guises has been around for well over a century. Where has it got us and what’s the plan for the future? Fifty years on from the first Women’s Liberation conference in the UK, we discuss whether feminism is essential to a healthy society – and if there is a way forward on which we can all agree?

This is a chance to hear Zelda Perkins,(who lives locally) talk on her fight for changes to the way NDA’s (non-disclosure agreements) are used to abuse power. In 1998, Zelda signed a nondisclosure agreement with Harvey Weinstein, which she publicly broken in 2017 to highlight the “unethical” nature of these type of agreements

Other panellists include the first female Bishop of London, The Rt Hon and Rt Revd Dame Sarah Mullally OBE, Ella Whelan, journalist and author of What Women Want: Fun, Freedom and an End to Feminism, Jade Bentil, historian and author of Rebel Citizen: A History of Black Women Living, Loving and Resisting (due to be published next year by Penguin/Allen Lane).

The panel will be facilitated by award-winning producer and broadcaster Alison Martin. Alison was part of the launch team for the One Show, and an experienced executive producer.

The Very Revd Nicholas Papadopulos, Dean of Salisbury said: “Lent is a time for taking stock and reflecting. The Conversations were introduced to the Lent agenda last year as a way of encouraging thoughtful exploration of difficult and divisive subject matter, and finding common ground within issues that polarise people today. By setting aside time to allow ideas to be explored in depth, by people who have thought deeply, and often differently, about the subjects being discussed, we hope to gain insights into some of the ideas or movements that dominate the agenda today.”

TUESDAY MARCH 3 10 19.00
Salisbury Conversations 2020: What has feminism done for you?

Tickets are available via the Cathedral website
£5 for adults and £3 for students and U/16s.
Audience members are welcome to join us for 17.30