The Arborealists and Guests: the Art of the Tree, a new exhibition at The Young Gallery, Salisbury, presents the work of 40 arborealists and nine guest artists, curated by Peter Riley.

Some have an international reputation, including Jemma Appleby, Philippa Beale and Fiona McIntyre, and among the local artists the engraver Howard Phipps and Paul Newman also exhibit.

The Arborealists were founded in 2013 by artist and then curator at Southampton City Art Gallery, Tim Craven. It now has members from Wales and the borders to East Anglia and London and every southern county from Kent to Cornwall.

The Arborealists and Guests at The Young Gallery is open every day during the exhibition, 10am to 5pm: entrance is free and the works will be for sale.

August 2 – 24
The Young Gallery,
Salisbury Library