There was a lot of creative energy in Bishopdown Farm, Salisbury during lockdown. Two individual successful businesses have been set up by two young girls.

“At The Wanderlust Wildflowers I create handmade letterboxes with travel personalised gifts,” Gaby Peters told New Valley News.

“The business has grown from strength to strength, during lockdown. At first, my bedroom was covered in boxes, but now I have my own office and workshop. The business started as a travel blog. With all that extra time I finally got round to writing about my experiences, and that inspired me to make gifts of the things I wish I had while travelling.”


Gaby’s new workshop


The Wanderlust Wildflowers: handmade letterboxes


Sasha (pictured below) was obsessed with candle wax melts, so learnt how to make them at home. “Wax melts are fragranced wax that you melt in the top of a candle holder with a tea light. I sent out testers and people loved them!” said Sasha.


“I turned my new skills into a business, launching Serenity Spa Wax Melts. Within the first hour I had 50 orders! Wax melts have become really popular lately, especially on Instagram, so now is a great time to launch this business.

It has really taken off in Salisbury and I think I will have to get my own premises in a couple of months to continue to grow the business.” Sasha added.