Every week things seem to be changing in the world of entertainment and business. James Dales at Avon Security, Amesbury (lockfitters, also offering an engraving service) had had a busy morning when New Valley News called. ‘We’ve been lucky as there have not been any shop closures in Amesbury.

There is a positive feel in the town – but we’re looking forward to it all coming back to normal. I notice people are slightly nervous about coming out. So far we have been very busy.”

The New Inn at Amesbury is up and running. “Social distancing is taken very seriously. Our new measures make such a difference with customers receiving table service in minutes! A safe environment for everyone to let their hair down It’s a delight to be providing table service – one we might continue in the future.”

Artists have had extra time on their hands. Wendy Barratt at Amesbury Art Gallery said they are open but you cannot just walk in. “People have to book in advance for an appointment,” Wendy said. “We have new artwork for sale from Wiltshire’s finest artists, including Lucinda Coldrey, Lizzie Walker-Arnott, David O’Connor, Paul Hawthorn, George Shapland and many more. We will be having new exhibition towards the end of 2020.”

You may have been clearing out attics and cupboards over the past months. If you have uncovered anything gold that you no longer want then it is worth taking it to Jonathan at Jonathan Green Antiques, Salisbury. “Now is a good time to sell gold,” Jonathan said. “Gold price is at record high.”

Jane Donohue from This and That, Mere said: “I have been very busy since opening. The general public has become more vintage homemakers. I have had many new clients. People seem to have spent time at home wondering what to do with their homes. Instead of buying holidays and clothes, people are concentrating on doing up their homes.”

At Downer Farm Meats, Tisbury, Lee was full of enthusiasm. “We have been flat out over the past months and are still very busy. Keen that people would not have to queue for too long, I employed extra staff to help out” Lee said. “We’ve found that people are changing their shopping habits buying from and supporting local shops. We have also been doing a lot of deliveries, a service we will continue to offer.”

At Homemaker, Warminster and Shaftesbury Jeremy talked of how, like many others, they have struggled through these months. “We are very busy and pleased to be back to some kind of normality. There is a massive shortage of appliances as everything we sell is made overseas. Before lockdown two months stock of freezers in the UK were sold in two days, so now there is a shortage. We still have a lot of white goods and TV’s in stock though and encourage everyone to come and test the items they want to buy. We wipe down everything that is touched.”

If the family are looking for some light relief Cholderton Charlie’s, the Rare Breed Farm, is open. Come and look at: pigs, goats, sheep, donkey, calves and many more furry friends and birds. There is also an indoor and outdoor play area with daily activities.

You must book your visit in advance.