Introducing Tis the Future: Refill, Reuse, Reduce, Re-imagine

Tis the Future is a zero-plastic, electric-powered, mobile refill shop, community-owned and community run.

It will ‘live’ in Tisbury but spend much of its time pootling around all the local villages on a timetabled route, stopping for an hour or so for the villagers to come on board and shop, knowing their impact on the environment is as minimal as practically possible.

“We will be wholly COVID compliant. Indeed, we have been awarded a COVID-related Government grant which has allowed us to purchase a retractable awning so that our customers can queue outside in all weather (sun as well as rain, we hope!) and a small sink with hot water for customers to wash their hands on boarding the vehicle, and our manager will clean down the dispensers after each use,” said Emily Hobbs.

The essence of a no-plastic, refill shop is that customers use their own empty containers so their transaction generates zero plastic. Tis the Future will sell staple, store cupboard ingredients – rice, oats, flour, pulses, pasta, cereals, coffee, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate etc. – at competitive prices and in an environmentally-friendly way. The vehicle is powered purely by electric.

“We have had fantastic support from the community as well as from Wiltshire Council and local parish councils. Wiltshire councillor José Green, said about us: ‘The vehicle is very distinctive and the service they intend to provide will be super. Various goods will be sold loose, (paper bags or take your recycled refill containers) so an altogether eco-project that fits the bill for our concerns on climate change and carbon emissions. Get ready with your baskets!’

“Tis the Future is a shop, but we are spreading the message that we must all change the way we shop if we want to reverse the decline of our environment, and that a community can provide its own solutions for the environment crisis and be something that will inspire all generations.

“Tis the Future is a way of connecting the communities and providing a hub where people can come together, share news, and chat. We have super comfy banquette seating!”

All information, and most crucially the timetable for its route, is at