During the past year, people have been forced to change their lifestyles and many have taken this opportunity to set up new businesses. It is hard but even harder to sell your brand and takes confidence and a certain skill.

Help is at hand: Lucy Rouse, former public relations and communications officer for Wiltshire Creative and Salisbury Playhouse, has launched her own business, Lucecannon PR. “I’m an independent PR consultant and copywriter with 20 years experience as a journalist and eight years of experience in PR and communications,” Lucy told New Valley News.

A member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations – Lucy recently worked for Salisbury International Arts Festival, Salisbury Arts Centre and Salisbury Playhouse. Salisbury Festival drew audiences of 40,000 to 50,000 every year, and Salisbury Playhouse entertained audiences of 95,000 throughout a typical year.

Before that, Lucy was a journalist for 20 years writing for national newspapers and working on a number of media titles. She was the first female editor of Broadcast magazine, the leading publication for the TV production industry, from 1999 until 2002.

“I’m looking forward to working with many new businesses set up recently and to continuing to contribute to my lifelong passion for the media industry,” Lucy said. “PR works best when it is integrated with other communication, including social, web, e-marketing, and even paid advertising. Throughout the past year digital networking has expanded, and we have seen many committed and experienced businesspeople coming up with new and fascinating creative ideas.”

Lucy is already working with local businesses in Wiltshire and surrounding counties, while also supporting London-based agencies, including Mushroom Media, which has many domestic and international TV clients.

For more information, visit www.lucecannonpr.co.uk