By Beth Doherty
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With the second lockdown in full swing, Canned Club will bring the pub to you.

Thought up during the first lockdown, Emily and Elliot Pepper were recreating their favourite cocktails at their home in Wilton when they realised how many ingredients you needed to make them. They started to do some research, and realised canned drinks were becoming really popular.

“We found out there are so many benefits of drinks in cans,” said Emily. “They can be recycled over and over again, they are lighter, and therefore use less energy in transportation, and they can also help with portions.

“Sometimes you may want a glass of red and your partner may want a glass of white. From a can, you don’t have to open two bottles for a glass, meaning less waste also!” she added.

And so, Canned Club was born, a subscription box of cans filled with cocktails, wine, and hard seltzers from start-ups in the UK, so you can discover new drinks at home.

“There are lots of new canned drink brands but they aren’t easy to get hold of. Canned Club allows us to support small producers and allows our customers to discover new drinks,” said Emily.

Subscription boxes contain eight cans with a variety of wine, cocktails, and hard seltzers. Subscriptions cost £32 per box, and can be ordered monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly. One-off gift boxes also allow you to send a hamper of canned goodies to friends, family, or colleagues as a gift.